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WB 1 caters for "birders" every where and currently extends a special welcome to the growing list of website visitors from USA. It is part of a suite of websites (click on http://bbsi.wikidot.com) and tends to be the place where new content and members input appears first.

If you want to see some great bird photographs taken by Nelson this year please click on NELSON'S PIX.

Birders pursue their interests in a whole variety of ways. Those who like to photograph birds reveal something about themselves in the birds they photograph and the care they take in getting good images. This website can now cater for such people by providing a gallery facility in which they can display their images.

Regular visitors to this and related websites will be familiar with the images which Nelson has taken in the Stone Harbor Wetlands in 2012. To see some of these earlier images please click on YOUR PAGES on the top green navigation bar of this website. Go to Nelson's Page and click on the links provided.

Although I am currently highlighting Nelson's Photographs you will also see pages devoted to other website members and I hope you will take time to look at some of those. Sandpiper (Robert D) has recently published a gallery of photographs of coastal and cliff birds taken at Bempton Cliffs on the east coast of the UK. Click on COASTAL AND CLIFF BIRDS to see birds photographed during a group Birdwatching Trip (WGBG).

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