Bramblings at Easter

During the depths of last winter in the middle of January while the snow was on the ground, I had Brambling in the garden in Macclesfield. There was only a maximum of two seen and they stayed for a few days before disappearing with the snow never to be seen again.


However, over the Easter weekend the Bramblings have returned, with a maximum of five seen together. They seem to be much more skittish than the Chaffinches and rarely have the confidence to come down on the ground and feed on the debris under the feeders. Instead they seem to be much happier staying in the apple tree and apparently feeding on the emerging apple blossom.
Obviously the exceptional mild spell during late March was not enough to persuade them to return to Scandinavia. They must have felt more at home in the cold and wet miserable Easter we have just endured, but I don’t expect it will be too long before they are once again heading over the North Sea.

Robert D.

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