Field Trips

Our bird group committee plans a programme of field trips each year. The trips are well supported by our own membership, some members of Macclesfield RSPB Bird Group and occasionally members of other local bird groups.

If you have not been on one of our trips before you may want to know a little more about them. If so please click on How and When. If you are new to birding field trips you might also like to look at Fieldcraft Guidance.

For more information about the field trips or to book a place on the coach, please phone Steve on 01625 533625.

Registration for the 2022/23 season of the Birdwatching Group is now open. For details click here. The cost is £34.


All trips by coach leaving from Wilmslow Guild SK9 5HD, unless stated otherwise

January 23 Carsington Water 8:00am
February 25-27 Weekend away to North Norfolk 7.30am
March 13 Old Moor/Idle Valley 7.30am
April 24 Leighton Moss 7.30am
May 8 Brandon Marsh 7:30am
Oct 16 Saltholme 7:30am
Nov 20 North Wales & Conway 8:00am
Dec 10 Car trip Marbury plus Lunch 9:30am
January 22 Fairburn Ings 8.00am
February 24-26 Weekend away to Somerset Levels 7.15am
March 12 Potterick Carr 7.30am
April 23 Anglesey 7.30am
May 7 Hodbarrow and Walney 7:30am
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