Now that we are in the third year of operation of this website it seems opportune to review the way this discussion module has been used. Forum is a system module where postings and replies about birds and birding can be handled in a variety of ways. A selection of contributions which have been made can be seen by going to Forum in Wilmslow Birders.

The introduction of Your Pages in April 2012 facilitated contributions including images and various members have taken advantage of this option which they find more useful than a short posting in Forum.


For the process to run successfully and not be just a jungle of ideas we need to be able to group entries into categories which can be handled in a structured manner. In the sections which follow the blue headings define categories which link to pages where your thoughts can be posted. All you need to make a posting is a valid e-mail address. Click on the blue category link which seems most appropriate.

Identification of Birds

Are you looking for help or have you experienced presentations which helped you and could help others?

Places to see birds

Are you aware of some good places to visit that our bird group has not been to?

Recording Data about Birds

What can we learn from garden bird surveys and similar exercises?

Studying and understanding Birds

This has been the most popular category so far.

Your Interests

A catch-all box - if what you want to post does not seem to fit any of the above categories click on this one.

Site Feedback

This is the place for your comments (good or bad but hopefully constructive) about this website.

Recent Posts and Replies.

To see the results click on Recent-Forum-Posts. This gives a listing of Postings and Replies with the latest first. Periodically the Website Administrator will review postings and replies to ensure that points raised are dealt with and to identify items of wider interest for consideration in the Development Website. "Weeding" will remove items which no longer seem to be of interest.

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