Gannets, Razorbill, Puffin and Kittiwake

Liz M sent me some excellent photographs of birds of the UK coastal cliffs which she took on a Bird Group trip to Bempton Cliffs in May 2013. It's always a good place to see these birds.

A Gannet colony (right) is always an interesting sight although it's a bit smelly if you go too near.


I especially like this next shot of a Gannet on a nest (left) - they seem to like very precarious positions.


The Razorbill (right) prefers slightly less exposed places - they look for crevices rather than ledges. Seen in the water they are often confused with Guillemots.


Puffins (below, left) tend to be on the upper parts of the cliffs.

They like to nest in deep crevices or even in burrows.


Finally we have the Kittiwake (below, right) which belongs to the Gull family. They often breed in large colonies. Although I have seen them singly, like this one, I don't think I have actually ever seen a colony (Gruffalump).

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