Field Trips - How and When?
  • Most trips are by coach so you don't have to drive. Comfort stops are built in.
  • Bookings for the cost of the coach, accompanied by a £5 non-refundable deposit, are taken at the Indoor Meetings.
  • Total coach cost is currently about £15, depending on distance and number of people, which requires about £10 (cash only) to be paid on the coach during the return journey.
  • Trips to relatively close locations are by car. Sharing is an option.
  • All trips start from the Wilmslow Guild unless otherwise stated.
  • Most trips involve the full day. We don't stop birding until we can't see them. Actually we are usually back by 8 pm at the latest.
  • Currently they take place on a Sunday on each of the months of September through to include May.
  • If places to be visited (RSPB, WWT etc) require membership cards or fee to be paid this will usually be advised at the indoor meeting.
  • Obviously it makes sense to wear clothing and footwear suitable to the location and to take food and drink for the day.
  • Binoculars or other optical aids are desirable although some people are happy to just look and listen. Members with scopes are always willing to share. If you are new to birdwatching and don't have any binoculars, please mention it to a committee member beforehand and they may be able to rustle up a pair. Don't go out and buy a pair - wait until you are sure what you want. You can always try out what members have got.
  • Prior to the trip it can be useful to visit the websites of the places being visited to see what facilities are available.

What do we do?

  • On arrival at each destination the field trip leader briefly outlines the places to be visited and the proposed timetable for the visit. Where appropriate, options will be indicated.
  • Usually the leader will invite people who don't know the location, especially newcomers to join him or one of the other experienced members.
  • You are of course free to do your own thing but you will usually see and learn more if you are with a group.
  • Periodically the group will re-combine prior to moving on the next phase of the trip.
  • During the journey home a tick list will be circulated around the coach to enable people to see which birds have been recorded. This is your chance to correct any omissions and reflect on what you missed. Never mind - perhaps you will see it next time.
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