Indoor Meetings

Our group holds an evening meeting on a monthly basis from September through to April in the following year. Apart from brief announcements relating to our activities, supported by a Newsletter, the main item on the agenda for each evening is an audio / visual presentation by a speaker invariably well known in the birding world. The Indoor Meetings Secretary does considerable research well in advance to find good presenters over a range of topics. This involves a degree of networking with other bird groups. The dates and titles of presentations to be given at these 8 meetings are available on the membership card and are outlined in a little more detail below.

The meetings are usually (but not always!) held on the first Thursday of each month at the Guild. They commence at 7.30 pm prompt. The meeting usually ends at about 9.30 pm. We are pleased to say that these meetings are well attended and obviously much appreciated by members and visitors alike.

Registration for the 2022/23 season of the Birdwatching Group is now open. For details click here. The cost is £34.

PROGRAMME 2022-2023


Jan 14 …. Brian Anderson - Feathers and Wings

Feb 18 …. Ian Newton - Lesvos - it ain't just birds

Mar 25 …. John Gardner - The British Isles to the Fresian Isles

Apr 29 …. Jeff Clarke - Inspiring Avians, plus AGM (note 7:15pm start)

Sep 1 …… Ian Newton - Lower Rio Grande valley Texas

Oct 13 …. Paul Hobson - Coasts and Islands
Nov 3 …… Keith Offord - Skydancers

Dec 1 …… Robert Davidson - Jamaica (plus buffet)


Jan 12 …. Mike Lane - A Digital Lane returns again

Feb 9 …… Brian Anderson - Petrels, Paddys and Penguins

Mar 16 … John Gardner - UK Birding. plus AGM (note 7:15pm start)

May 4 ….. Tanya and Edmund Hoare - Swifts

All meetings commence at 7:30pm prompt, except for the combined AGM/Meeting on March 16 which starts at 7.15pm

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