Kingfishers At Pennington Flash

During the summer (late August to be precise) I paid a visit to Pennington Flash near Leigh, Lancashire. The purpose of the visit was to look for a garganey that had been reported there over the previous few days. Unfortunately the garganey was nowhere to be seen but it turned out to be a day of kingfishers galore!

Several kingfishers were visible almost continuously over a period of several hours, usually flying along and perching in the trees beside the lake. Speaking to some local birders in the hides it appeared that this was a frequent phenomenon at this time of the year as the adults were harrying the juveniles in an attempt to persuade them to leave the territory. Thus they were flying about and being much more visible than they normally would be.

The local photographers had obviously anticipated the event and had thoughtfully placed some sticks at the water’s edge in front of the hides that the kingfishers occasionally perched on while they rested from their exertions. As you might imagine this provided some of the best views of kingfishers I have had and the best ever photographic opportunity.

One for the diary for next year!


A typical pose over the water.


Coughing up a pellet.


Still coming.


Up it comes.


A nice view of the back.


This one seems to have some kind of tick on its breast.

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