Leaming's run gardens.

Leaming’s Run Gardens are located in Southern New Jersey near Cape May Court House. The gardens are not spectacular as tourist attraction gardens go, but during August they become a mecca for ruby-throated hummingbirds who come to feed before they migrate south on their long annual journey.


Leaming’s Run takes its name from the stream which flows across the land. In colonial times the stream was known as "Uncle Aaron Leaming's Run".

Recently my wife, Joanne, and I visited Leaming’s Run on a warm, sunny August afternoon. In one of the garden areas there are large numbers of bright red flowers which are a magnet for the hummingbirds.


We stayed in this one area for over an hour and were rewarded by spotting 15 to 20 Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.

All of the hummingbirds we saw were females, as the mail Ruby-throated Hummingbird actually has a ruby throat.



Leaming’s Run Gardens also attract hundreds of butterflies. Can you pick out the three butterflies in the garden picture?

Feedback from Barbara - What stunning pictures you've been sending lately; I just loved the Osprey sequences. The photos taken at Leaming's Run brought back the lovely afternoon we spent there with you. The picture you took with the gardens and butterflies would make a very interesting and absorbing jigsaw! Well, I've poured over the picture and have finally found three; 2 male Black Swallowtails and 1 Pipevine Swallowtail (I think but am not certain). Could the Pipevine be a Spicebush?

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