Membership Profile

In our experience potential new members are quite often concerned that their knowledge and ability may fall below that of the group they are thinking of joining. It really does not matter. In fact if you have just read What is a Birder? it may help you to know that our current members cover most and probably all of the categories listed.

1. Some members have been birders for about 30 years. They are good at finding the birds and skilled at identification. They are always willing to help less experienced people.

2. At the other end of the scale we have some fairly new birders who are still feeling their way.

3. Somewhere in the middle we have people who are members for all sorts of different reasons and interests:-

  • Some only attend the indoor meetings - they like the variety of presentations we arrange and they like to meet with like minded people.
  • Some also participate in our field trips usually because they want to see the birds but sometimes just because they enjoy the day out.
  • Some find the "networking" opportunity a good way of getting ideas about where to go to see the birds both in the UK and in other countries.
  • One or two go on the field trips because they like the challenge of photographing birds in their natural habitat. Some are into Digiscoping.
  • For some their thoughts about birds end when they get home from an indoor meeting or field trip. Others perhaps have a deeper interest which they might tell you about if you ask.
  • Quite a lot of our members travel to other countries to see the birds that they can't see (about 96% of the world's species) in the UK. Usually they are more than willing to tell you about their trip and what they saw. In some cases they can be persuaded to do a presentation at one of the indoor meetings.

So that's who we are - we like birds - we enjoy our birding and we don't take ourselves too seriously. Please join us.

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