Nelson's Page

This is a page of occasional contributions from Nelson in Stone Harbor, Cape May County, New Jersey.1 Nelson has been a website member since April 2011.

In 2012 Nelson's photographs covered quite a large range of birds found in Stone Harbor Wetlands and the surrounding area. As well as providing a record of some of the birds found in this area, the ability to access them by boat (with minimum disturbance) offered opportunities for some interesting photographic studies of specific groups of birds and their behaviour.

During the course of the year the findings likely to be of general interest to "birders", published in this website in the form of Articles or Features, have attracted considerable visitor interest.

Photographic studies of Osprey nesting, Cormorant behaviour and Night Herons have been developed in more detail in my other websites which cater for a wider and deeper interest in birds and birding.

Two photographic galleries are available for those who want to see images from 2012 as well as the on-gong images from 2013. The galleries use "LightBox" to view images. If you click on an image in the gallery you will see an enlarged version and a very nice looking pop-up will provide a possibility to scroll images forward / backward without reloading page / opening new tab or window.

Click on the blue link provided.

If you refer to Files at the bottom of the the pages containing the galleries you can see that the images are presented alphabetically in order of Common Name. Within each group the secondary order used is IMG number. In this way it is possible to go back to the original image and camera settings data.

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