Ring Ouzel

On the Birdwatching Group's recent summer car trip to the Goyt Valley we stopped at Danebower on the way home, and here we had very nice, if distant, views of a pair of Ring Ouzels feeding two juveniles. It is always good to see these elegant upland birds and particularly good to know that they are still breeding here since numbers have dropped somewhat in recent years.


A couple of days later I decided to revisit the area with the intention of obtaining a photo or two. The Ring Ouzel is a bird that I have never photographed before so this would be a new challenge. It would be a real challenge here since the site is an open hillside with no cover thus making it difficult to approach the birds closely.


This time only the male bird was present and with a bit of patience I managed to get close enough for a few reasonable photos. It foraged around at a small open grassy area and occasionally disappeared into the reeds by the stream. At one point it flew on to the wall and posed magnificently for a few shots. A truly memorable afternoon!

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