Sabine's Gull At Pennington Flash

On 4th August 2015 news that a Sabine’s Gull had been identified at Pennington Flash quickly circulated on the birding grapevine. I missed it on the first day but fortunately the bird remained there for several days and I managed to see it on the second day.

It wasn’t that difficult to see. Rather than being in the middle of the lake or over on the far side by the yacht club, it was quite happy to sit a few yards out from the Horrock’s hide, the first hide beyond the car park. Some of the large group of photographers were throwing bits of bread to attract it in to the water’s edge, where it had to battle against the large flock of Black-headed Gulls for the scraps.

[click on a photo for a larger view]


Quite at home sitting on the lake (although home should be out in the Atlantic!)


The striking upperwing pattern is obvious when in flight


A close-up of the head reveals details of the the bill and hood


Obviously not a Sabine's Gull! There were plenty of Great Crested Grebes about as well.

August 2015

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