Song Sparrow.

An email request for help in bird identification identified an issue with respect to inclusion of images in Forum postings. The email was from Nelson on 2nd July 2012 and concerned this bird (right) photographed at Stone Harbor point.

The black patch on the centre of the chest looked as if it might be a diagnostic feature but for a while, apart from realising it was one of the New World Sparrows, I could not help with the ID.


A few days later (5th July) I remembered that I had photographed a very similar bird before. A search through my A to Z of NW Sparrow images revealed the Song Sparrow (left).

The amazing coincidence is that when I looked at the data for my image I found that I had taken it on 3rd Oct 2008 at the Wetlands Institute, Stone Harbor, New Jersey.

Bob- Great job with identifying the Song Sparrow. It's the only one I've seen this year….Nelson.

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