Spoonbill, Dunlin and Sardinian Warbler

The saltpans at Tavira, Portugal offer excellent opportunities to see and photograph wetlands birds in Europe.

On a visit in May 2012 I watched a Eurasian Spoonbill just a sort distance away. On subsequent visits over a few days it was always present in about the same place. The image on the right is one of the best I have of this bird in breeding plumage.


A little way further on and just across the road, large numbers of Dunlin (left) enabled me to get a good shot showing the black belly patch which is an identification feature.

Avocets, Black-winged Stilts and quite a few Kentish Plover were also present.


Finally the hedges and vegetation around the saltpans provided some good views of the male and female Sardinian Warbler. This shot of the male (left) shows the orange eye-ring. If you would like to see more detail you can double click on these images to see an enlarged photograph.

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