Website Training

Robert suggested that it might be time for a little bit more training as a reminder of the one to one sessions I had with Development Website members. A new member (Nels) joined the website recently so it seems opportune to offer this now.

First some general points.

1. Wikidot does not have a Spellcheck facility - they work in many languages.
Spelling does not matter much so long as people know what you mean. For larger pieces of text I usually prepare them in Word where I can use spellcheck then copy and post in the required place in the website.

2. Website browsers will be used to just closing the box when they have finished. With Wikidot websites since you Sign in you should Sign out when you have finished.

3. Whenever you are Posting, Replying or Editing you will be able to see the Wikidot Syntax box with a series of buttons. If you are doing a posting it is in between Post Title and the larger text box.

In the above I made words Bold by highlighting them and clicking on button B. Words can be italicised by clicking on the symbol to the right of B.

This is the way you use the various buttons about which more later. I got 1,2 and 3 above using the bottom left button.

If you have any questions or want to try things out please feel free to do so - it's a Private website so only the members will see what you do.

I am currently developing a follow up to the Kingfisher article so I will do it in stages hopefully explaining the steps as I go.

Inserting Images.

Stage 1.

  1. First I clicked on edit to type the above line in.
  2. Then I selected numbered list (bottom left in the syntax box above).
  3. Having typed in lines 1,2,3 I cicked on Save which I made bold in this line by using B in the syntax box.

Stage 2.

I need to upload the two images which I want to use to illustrate this topic.

  1. I click on the blue Files at the bottom of the page to access the file uploader.
  2. I then click on the blue Upload a file from your computer which has appeared at the bottom of the page.
  3. I click on Select Files which has been revealed.
  4. Having selected the Belted Kingfisher from my files I click on Upload files.
  5. I then repeat the process for the Pied Kingfisher image.
  6. I then click on refresh file list which appears in red.

Stage 3.

If you click on the blue Files at the bottom of the page you will now see that the two uploaded files are listed. The next step is to develop the text so that you can place the images where you want them. More will follow once I have developed the thoughts below.

So here is a bit more about inserting images:-

  1. Select edit at bottom of page.
  2. Select Insert Image Wizard which is right hand green button in syntax box.
  3. Put dot in circle for attached file.
  4. Select Belted Kingfisher file.
  5. Select size - medium.
  6. Select align right with text wrap.
  7. Save.

Repeat with Pied Kingfisher using align left with text wrap.

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