What is a Birder?

In our world "Birders" come in all shapes and sizes and can be described in a variety of ways, mostly polite. If you see yourself in one of the categories below you are a Birder in our book. If you don't see yourself in one of the categories don't worry, we will invent one to suit you! All are welcome to visit our website and join our Birdwatching Group.

Likely Birder.

  • Like to see birds, perhaps know some names, might attend some talks about birds.
  • Sometimes go out hoping to see birds, either alone or with others.
  • Sufficient interest to join a bird group - hopefully ours.

New Birder.

  • Happy to attend some indoor meetings to view presentations about birds, bird trips, interesting species etc. Hear about future field trips.
  • Hopefully join one of our field trips.

Serious Birder.

  • Fairly regular attendee at indoor meeting and field trips.
  • Begining to recognise some birds but still too nervous to voice your thoughts.
  • Perhaps like to list what you have seen.


Listing or ticking boxes is not mandatory - quite a few very experienced and knowledgeable birders do not keep lists.

  • Listers have all sorts of lists:- Home / Garden, Local patch, County, Country, Field Trip, Year, Life, even TV has been known.
  • Some listers are quite competitive, although the rules if any might be a bit vague.
  • Many people will note the birds that they see on a field trip but once home will probably throw the list away. On field trips a tick-list book is circulated during the journey (usually coach) home so that the birds seen can be recorded. Subsequently a field trip report is usually published in the Newsletter.
  • Serious listers have their own, often computerised, records of all the birds they see often including support information about habitat, weather etc.


  • Some birders are so enthusiastic that they will go anywhere, sometimes even outside the UK, at any time and almost any cost to see a particular bird.

Note. Although the thoughts shown above are meant to be light-hearted we would like to be more aware of the interests of individual members. It's surprising what knowledge and skills are waiting to be tapped.

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