Your Pages

I am dependent, to a great extent, on website members and visitors for contributions and ideas which enable me to put new content into the website.

Your Pages, introduced with input from Robert (Sandpiper is his user name) and more recently developed further with quite a lot of input from Nelson in New Jersey, USA, help to highlight peoples interests and show the different perspectives which they bring to birding. Liz’s Page (introduced with her agreement) presents me with various opportunities for new content which I am currently developing.

  • If you are a member of this website you can have page of your own.
  • You can use your webpage for anything to do with birds and birding - my only proviso is that you accept Wikidot terms and conditions and do nothing which would damage the reputation of our Wilmslow Guild sponsors.
  • As Website administrator I reserve the right to make changes to your website page in the unlikely event that it should be necessary and to maintain the role that I am aiming to achieve with this website.
  • There is no prize for large accumulations of content and pictures. Accordingly when adding another topic to your page I ask that you review your earlier entries with a view to thinning them out or deleting them if they have served their purpose.

A few pointers.

• Images should preferably be in jpg format with the facility to access camera settings enabled. This establishes the provenance of the image and provides useful information for other bird photographers.

• A single image may not be particularly important at the time but some time later it may fit well with other images to present an interesting topic. Date, time, place taken, habitat, behaviour are often of considerable value so it is important that these are recorded along with the image where possible.

• Ideally the text should tell birders something interesting about where and how the bird was seen, why it was there, what it was doing, was it in company with others etc. Please make it as interesting as you can (amusing, challenging or even controversial) – it’s all about having content which attracts interest. I want to encourage others to participate.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License